HD Ready offers a broad range of apples from the Ukrainian producers shipped to the UK. We consolidate the offerings from large established Ukrainian apple producers. All producers are undergoing advanced quality controls and international certification. We have built efficient logistical partnerships in both Ukraine and Europe to ensure packaging and shipment meet clients’ expectations. We act as a bridge between our clients from all over the world and Ukrainian apples producers to guarantee the quality and stability of supplies in long-term perspective. Our aim is also to support the Ukrainian producers, ensure ongoing production, jobs and growth of the Ukrainian economy. We partner with the best producers in Moldova, Hungary and Romania as well.

Moderate continental climate in Ukraine and its fertile soils composition contribute to the production of apples of high commercial quality.

Due to the special climate conditions in Ukraine our apples have intense natural flavor, high sugar content as well as rich color and aroma.

Apple trees planting material was imported from the Netherlands, Italy and Belgium. We assure the conformity of the perennial trees to the stated pomological varieties.

Our producers grow apples adjusting their size, color, weight and shape naturally according to the needs of our customers.

Every apple is handpicked to ensure its integrity.

Apples characteristics are analyzed after being harvested to correspond the required indicators. We store our apples using advanced controlled atmosphere fruit storage technologies to prolong their quality.


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